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2020 Program Details

2020 Program Overview

Welcome & Introductions
Vaccines In Action Moderator: Walter A. Orenstein, MD
Vaccinology: From Scientific Discovery To Monitoring Safety
Protective Immune Responses To Vaccines
Protecting Mother & Baby Through Maternal Immunization
Questions & Answers
Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices  (ACIP) Updates Moderator: Patricia A. Stinchfield, RN, MS, CPNP, CIC
Update On Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices (ACIP) Recommendations
Questions & Answers
Managing The Impact Of A Pandemic Moderator: William Schaffner, MD
COVID-19 Vaccine Development And Implementation
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Considerations
Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Routine Vaccine Administration
Questions & Answers
Recommended Vaccines: Vaccines Across The Lifespan Moderator: Walter A. Orenstein, MD
Preventing Measles Outbreaks Through Vaccination
Hepatitis Vaccination Across At-Risk Populations
Battling A Painful Enemy Through Herpes Zoster Vaccination
Questions & Answers
Recommended Vaccines: Shared Clinical Decision Making Moderator: Mark J. Mulligan, MD
Prevention Of Cancer Through HPV Vaccination
Preventing Pneumococcal Disease Through Vaccination
Meningococcal Vaccines: Serogroups & Series
Questions & Answers
Applying Concepts To Action Moderator: Monica M. Farley, MD
Case Studies & Questions
Summary: Jeopard-ID! Interactive Game
Vaccines Recommended For Travel Moderator: Mark J. Mulligan, MD
Travel Vaccines: Know Before You Go
Questions & Answers
Influenza Vaccines To Help #FightFlu Moderator: Wilbur H. Chen, MD, MS
Influenza Vaccination Recommendations Across The Lifespan
Questions & Answers
Improving Vaccine Confidence Moderator: Patricia A. Stinchfield, RN, MS, CPNP, CIC
Best Practices To Move From Recommendation To Implementation
Panel Discussion On Communication Strategies To Improve Vaccine Confidence
Putting It All Together 
Interactive Course Summary